No grandstands, no checkered flag, just pure head-to-head competition.

When you enter the world of street racing it's not for the trophies, it's for the rush. Race through the streets of Tokyo at up to 200 miles an hour, challenging other racers, each with their unique car and racing style, to winner take all competitions.

As you gain victories, customize your car with over 100 parts, new paint jobs and stickers. You will need a finely tuned machine, as well as lightning reflexes and nerves of steel, if you want to become Emperor of the Highway.

Download the TXR2 trailer!(3.2megs)

Game Features
· Thousands of car and part combinations ensures that each vehicle is truly custom
· Over 100 miles of highly detailed highway
· Hundreds of new opponents and teams, each with different cars and driving styles, ensures strong competition and extensive gameplay
· Adjustable difficulty settings guarantee everyone will have to utilize all of their skill and racing savvy to attain the coveted title of Emperor of the Streets.

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